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"How to Help your Child if they are being Bullied"- FREE eBook:

Any parent who has a child that is being bullied can feel helpless. You want to find out all the details to protect your child. But is your child playing down the effects of being bullied?  

Many children might not share with their parents; the effects a bully may be having on them. There are a few reasons for this:  

1. Your child may feel embarrassed they are allowing this behaviour to have such an affect on them 2. They may feel ashamed they are in this position 3. Perhaps they are feeling humiliated for being the target 4. They are protecting you and do not want to upset or distress you  

Often the child is feeling intimidated, confused, overwhelmed, lost and unable to deal with this bully. They may feel they should be tougher, stronger, not bothered so much, yet, they are. What can a parent do to support their child while this is going on? The first thing parents often struggle with is knowing there is an issue, especially if your child is not sharing this information with you. You will learn the signs to look for, questions to ask and how you can support your child.

Dr Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist; Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Parenting and Relationship Expert on television, radio and print media both here and overseas. She is an International Author and Key Note Speaker.

"Any type of bullying is harmful and in some cases can have long-term, damaging effects. Teasing and taunts damage self esteem and confidence. Bullying should never be faced alone."